Creativity: Ecologically and Socially Ethically


We are Ether. We design creative things. Ethically.

In December of 2010 Ether was founded as a one of its kind creative agency in what is known as the spiritual capital of India, i.e. Varanasi. Since then we have been catering to businesses of all size and kind located in Varanasi, other parts of India, as well as reaching far out to organisations based overseas.

Recently we have moved base to carry out our major operations from Mainz, Germany. Notwithstanding the move, we continue to function in Varanasi as well.

As of May 2015, however, we’re introducing a major change to our business model. Ether will continue serving to a clientele of all scales, albeit with one exception – we are now focused on helping businesses carrying an ecologically and socially ethical outlook only. This would encompass establishments such as restaurants provisioning vegetarian & vegan items, companies innovating green energy, organic food & clothing, and social welfare organisations working for animals and humans.

This change is brought to harmonise our actions with our vision of a better, healthier, more sustainable and beautiful world. We want to make sure that our work brings about a positive change to the earth. Perhaps we cannot assure this in its totality, but we can try to reach as close to it as possible.

People of the world are waking up to a new reality. Everyday new businesses are established with noble causes. And every now and then some of the older establishments are choosing more and more sustainable ways of conducting their business. If you are one of them, we want to work with you toward a better future.



Ether is a creative agency. We work with businesses of ethical prospects to make the world a better place.