Skype – Yes. Bing & MSN – No, thank you.

A recent Skype “upgrade” suggested us to use Microsoft’s Bing as our default search engine and MSN as the home page for our browsers. We are in particular not a big fan of Microsoft and its products, and neither are we a fan of such “auto-selected (feels more of being shoved down our throats) recommendations” that tend to trick us into accidental installations just in case we are a tad bit careless while making such upgrades, which many people these days tend to be thanks to their super unconscious lifestyles.

We think this trick of promoting (selling really) search engines and home pages is a bit too outdated…and annoying. C’mon! “Get great search results from Bing and stay in the know with MSN about the things that matter most to you” sounds so 90’s.

These things still do sell (and we know that), but how much are we willing to bend (or shall we say, ‘outmode’?) in desperation? Microsoft has been trying really hard to sustain itself on this rapidly evolving world stage – and we also do appreciate many recent improvements they have made to their products – but this, we think, is a bit too desperate of an attempt.

We’re in control of our wants. We’ll change our search engine and home page (and browser) when and to what we want to.

What do you think?

We say, “Skype – Yes. Bing & MSN – No, thank you.”






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